Is the Corona virus real? … yes. Do I totally know what it is or is it everything the media says it is, I won’t go that far, yet. But what I do know is that it’s excavating peoples fear like I’ve never seen in my lifetime. Gone are the cover-ups that insulate us from having people see our fear. You can say that the only reason the fear is there is because of the Corona virus & I’m hear to say, that .. is .. just .. not … so. The fear was there long before the Corona virus came along. It lives & breathes within our nerve systems only to be perceived by those who have a keen eye for seeing fear at these depths. It hides itself in all kinds of avoidant habits, behaviors & work arounds, but it’s always been there. Don’t act so surprised. Let’s not get into why it’s always been there & just say it’s from unhealed past trauma & simply part of what it means to be human. Take the Corona virus aspect out of it & do a little deep dive of self-reflection into the 50 or so shades of fear you constantly deal with & try to avoid daily; anxiety, timid, trepidation, terror, worrisome, horrified, alarmed, panic, distressed, uneasy, apprehensive & many others including the “core confusion” that I personally work on, which is Slow or Hesitation(when I’m scared to make a decision for some reason) vs. Thoughtful, when fear doesn’t have a grip on me & I’m free’d up to choose from a liberated & intuitive place. Healing our fears relieves our nerve systems of all kinds of burden & stress it constantly holds onto which makes us more susceptible to sickness & dis-ease of all kinds. We avoid all kinds of scary situations, healing practices & opportunities in life, because we don’t want to feel these feelings regardless of the rewards or all the benefits people rave about. The Corona virus isn’t inviting us, it’s intruding & forcing us to deal with our fears & apparently it’s not letting go or going away till it’s point has been thoroughly made. Let’s get the lesson, whatever it may be.