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A little origin story

I’ve been receiving & providing Maori-style bodywork since I was 29yo(47 now) & I’ve personally received this bodywork on the deepest possible levels.

At that time in my life, I was going through a massive amount of upheaval & I hungered for the work to help me exorcise a lot of emotional baggage I was carrying, while simultaneously & passionately learning to do the work for others.

Throughout the years I’ve seen & physically felt the relationship & interconnectedness of all the things I’ve mentally & emotionally held onto & how it coincided with every area of my physical life being stuck, which included my physical body. That connection & relationship between the two worlds is where my expertise exists.

Receiving the work on this deep level gave me insight & a kind of credibility to help me see what others are carrying around, regardless of whether they’re aware of it or not … because when you can connect deeply with things inside yourself, you can see it in others just as clearly.

People work really hard to achieve so many things in their lives, however, they don’t realize that they’re holding onto energetic/emotional blocks & traumas making it difficult for them. And even if they actually achieve their goals, often times these unhealed energies, traumas & emotional blockages prevent them from maintaining & keeping what they’ve achieved – there’s a lack of congruence.

… the body is a sponge that never forgets a thing. It stores everything since the day we were born & possibly beyond. So if what we’ve achieved doesn’t match with what’s going on deep within us, the body is going to correct itself.

If you’re serious about healing, creating something new in your life, or trying to figure out why something happened & are having a difficult time with it, you may want to look deeper into the body for that kind of wisdom, just as I did.


P.S. Yes, I know, my faces look both painful and funny … this is me getting a session from my teachers. The real hoot of it is, who took these pictures of me. What can I say, my friends are just like me, real pieces of work, with dark senses of humor 🙂