For many years, probably when I was about 29 or 30 & having just started on this path of healing with my old teacher, I always thought to myself that this work was about returning to a sense innocence & purity.

I envisioned this healing was about removing all the layering, insulation & body armoring, created by all sorts of events, conditioning & trauma from our past, in order to get us back into direct connection with the kind of innocence & purity deep within ourselves that kids know well.

For some adults, they have that part of them still in tact, while others have had that connection severed or buried by trauma. However, just because you’ve had trauma, does not necessarily mean your connection with this deep place has been severed, it could just be buried deep.

So, not only are we disconnected from this place within ourselves, which is bad enough, but, those people we have in our lives also suffer from our misaligned behavior & detrimental habits that come from us being disconnected in such a profound way. A lot of our issues & misaligned behaviors that people close to us often complain about, stem from this severed or buried part of us.

You might be wondering, why is it so important or vital to regain or heal this connection. Let me ask you a question, can you picture what a sweet child looks like who’s been through traumatic things to the point where you can see their smile fade from their face? … that traumatized inner child still lives within its adult form. And all those painful events & emotions still live & breathe within them as well. And that “inner-child” with all its pain, anger & hurt, still has something to say about it all. It even goes as far as to make sure it makes its presence known by influencing us to engage in destructive behavior we often times don’t even know why we’re engaging in it.

To the extent that we start to strip away the protective layering that insulated us from pain & hurt, we start to see in direct proportion to it, a letting go of many destructive & addictive behavior in so many ways.