We heal our physical body by including our emotional wellbeing


Private Coach • Maori Trained Healer & Body Worker • Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Harold Turk is a master of somatic healing. A Chiropractor by trade, Dr. Turk’s heart called him to a deeper style of bodywork that would integrate his traditional Chiropractic training with ancient indigenous traditions he learned by studying with the Maori healers of New Zealand. Today, he has combined his scientific studies with the Maori style and coaching to create the Maori Method — a specific style of somatic therapy that heals mind, body, spirit together. His work and the Maori Method, in particular, helps people transform their health and life through physical and emotional healing. He is the guide for his clients on their healing journey. And he’s in the trenches with them, seeing what they see, and getting to know what feelings surface along the way in order to reach a place of healing transformation. Some of Dr. Turk’s clients see him for mental, emotional or energetic healing, others for structural and physical. However, the full expression of the Maori Method is for those to experience each modality in order to fully heal.

My Work


I’m Dr. Harold Turk, D.C., and by degree, I’m a Chiropractor, but here’s more about what I do. I help people transform their health and life through physical and emotional healing. No matter what doctor you go to, they will always look at you with a kind of glasses or education they were trained with, nothing more and nothing less. My training and skill-set goes beyond being a Chiropractor. I take a step back from any one particular education or technique in order to see you from many perspectives. I assess people physically and structurally, as well as mentally, emotionally and energetically; I see all parts of you and the relationship of how they all come together. No, I’m not a therapist, but I am extremely skilled in the emotional aspect of healing. When people talk with me, I can hear where things are stuck. I have a very trained ear in listening for the dissonance or misalignment in people emotionally and energetically. I utilize that skill-set in listening to begin a dialogue while working with clients physically, and I pay very close attention for how it relates to every aspect of people’s physical life and bodily symptoms. Along with this specialized skill in listening, I’m also highly trained in a very specialized form of hands on deep tissue massage-style body work. It’s not massage though, it only looks and feels that way.

Unlike massage, which is basically designed to relax you, this body-therapy is designed to wake you up and give you energy. It’s designed to help you connect with what’s going on within your body, including emotionally.

No, it doesn’t have a name, a lot of people ask me that. It has a lot of different influences, but mostly it comes from the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori. – a few of them are very dear friends and teachers of mine.

It’s a cathartic form of body-therapy that helps people heal and express their feelings that are stuck deep within them, while they simultaneously heal their physical body; seeing how the two relate is where the magic happens.

Of course, I do offer spinal alignments/adjustments as well. For some, they also come to correct their spine of any structural distortions that cause them pain.

In doing so, it also takes pressure off their Central Nerve System, which is the master control system that coordinates every system of the body including the Immune system; in short, the quality of your spine does affect the quality of your health.

Some people come for mental, emotional or energetic healing, others for structural and physical. However, the full expression of this work is for those to experience all of it in order to fully heal.

We cannot separate ourselves into parts and expect to fully heal anything, and this work allows you to feel and connect with how all the parts of you come together to create the health and life you have.

I’m your guide or navigator on the journey through your healing. And I’m in the trenches with you, seeing what you see, and getting to know what you feel along the way in order to help you through.

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