Def: Wildly unreasonable, illogical or inappropriate.

A lot of people are asking, “when are things going to go back to normal”. First of all, we can never go back to where we were, we can only look to where we’re headed.

We’re in a different world than when we first began this fiasco. As if things were already crazy before, with mass shootings, natural disasters left & right & many other things I won’t go into, we’ve definitely stepped it up a notch or two, or ten these past months.

I find it absurd how this virus has been handled & continues to be handled that it’s almost laughable. I’m not saying it’s not real, I’m simply saying it’s nowhere near what they are turning it into. Anyone with any sort of instincts & observation skills can see that the political agenda is bigger than the virus; the science is being manipulated to fit the agenda & It’s not about our health & welfare … & that’s the problem.

Now more than ever, it’s hugely vital to have a relationship with the absurdity of life; the ability to see the ridiculousness of it all, while also being connected to & knowing the frailty & seriousness simultaneously.

If you lack the ability to see the absurdity of life, you’ll probably battle with anxiety & some depression, because you’ll constantly be taking things way to seriously & without much levity.

Taking things this seriously & without a sense of humor & absurdity is not going to go well for our health, psyches & our bodies. If our bodies are a reflection of our minds, than living without absurdity is going to look very uptight … & that’s not a good look.