.. at least that’s what I think.

It makes sense though.

.. the world seems as though it’s been put in a vice grip and everything and everyone is on high alert, flooded emotionally and overwhelmed by life in some way, shape, or form ..

.. and here’s how that relates to clenching and grinding of the teeth.

By the way, I’m a self-proclaimed expert at helping people stop the nasty, destructive habit altogether.

To me, and from what I’ve seen from all the people I’ve cared for who do this, is that they all seem to knowingly, or unknowingly suppress some kind of anger, resentment and rage about something from their past or present.

And when these people go to sleep at night, all those suppressed feelings start to rise to the surface.

And when that happens, the body automatically starts to respond and react to those signals and feelings.

For some, it’s just clenching, and for others it’s clenching and grinding (sheering the surfaces of the teeth back and fourth.)

.. with others, they also tighten their neck muscles, elevate their shoulders, tightening their forearms, and clenching their fists, all of which leaves them feeling unrested in the morning.

How do you know you clench and or grind?

Your jaw is tight and often hurts when you wake in the morning..

.. those who sleep next to you can hear you grinding away – sounds like a car crash in your mouth..

.. your dentist points out to you that you’ve been doing it and he/she can tell by the wearing down of your teeth surfaces – or because you cracked a tooth and need a crown put on $$$.

And this is how you fix it ..

Dentists take impressions and make mouth pieces for those who do this ..

.. and that’s certainly a start, as it stops these peoples teeth from grinding down and even cracking which is quite common, painful, and expensive! ..

.. but just having the mouth piece does not stop the habit.

Getting at the source of ones anger, rage, and resentment is key..

.. and so is helping that person connect those feelings with the physical act of clenching.

How I do this is through a combination of a few things.

One is that I’m intuitively listening and feeling what about this person’s life, past and present, is not being expressed and I talk with my clients about it.

Next is that I do a unique style of massage that helps uproot, and bring to the surface those suppressed feelings that are buried in the persons body and jaw muscles.

I’m simplifying the answer, but I’m sure you’re getting the idea.

You can certainly massage your own jaw muscles as that will help, but this kind of work needs to be done by someone else ..

.. someone who will help bring to the surface and guide you through those feelings and emotions and move you through them.

The magic happens when the person makes that deep bodily connection and understanding of exactly what’s at the root of this nasty habit ..

.. not just from a cognitive place mentally, but from a visceral, bodily understanding and knowing; and when that happens, the person finds themselves eliminating the habit.

Wearing a mouth-piece when you sleep at night is not pleasant, it’s also not very sexy – I’m just sayin! ..

.. so if you’ve found yourself in a place where you’re sick of all of it, I encourage you to do something about it.

Body pain and health issues of all kinds, are all communications alerting us to what is deeply going on inside us ..

.. and if you’re interested enough, you might be able to hear what its trying to tell you. Listen.

Let me know if you have any questions

And for those interested and are wanting help, I have an online Health and Life questionnaire on my website that you can take and have it sent directly to me.

Talk soon,