… not, have, do, be.

These days, it’s common to use mottos like …

“Rest when you’re dead”
“Can’t stop won’t stop”
“Rise & grind”
“Beast mode”

… as motivation to propel people toward their goals.

So it’s no shock that many in our culture follow the “Do, have, be” model as a way of living … but it’s not optimal, & here’s why.

Do, have, be = take massive action (Do), & it will be no surprise that we eventually attain (Have) the things we’ve always wanted & HOPEFULLY leave us feeling “successful, happy, confident & fulfilled”, in some way (Be).

Just because we (Do) & achieve so much, does not necessarily erase the emotional issues we have as a motivation for our achievement. In fact, achievement quite possibly could bring about more of these issues.

You can’t solve an emotional issue with a physical solution or achievement. Having money, six-pack abs, the man of your dreams, or whatever it may be, will not heal your shame & emotional discontent.

Pursuing success or productivity as a means of seeking to rid ourselves of some form of shame is not an optimal path.

“Be, Do, Have” is recommended as a more holistic approach to achievement & overall well-being.

(Be) suggests we take a a closer look & focus on who we’re being in our lives.

Seldom do people consider who they’re being in lieu of “doing.” That’s a big mistake though: there’s a ceiling of growth in this way of being & there can be little to no emotional development along that path.

By analyzing who we’re being & recognizing all the areas where we have shame, it creates opportunities for us to liberate said shame, which then innately gives rise to all the actions we feel compelled to take, without the need of a goal with which to do it.

(Be) then naturally gives rise to taking actions (Do) … from taking this path, it invariably leads us to a more holistic life we’ve created (Have) that includes our emotional development & well-being along the way.