Anyone in their area of expertise has the ability to take vast amounts of information, agendas & cultural biases & then decide for themselves what they feel the truth is or the best course of action to take for a given situation.

For instance, as a Chiropractor by degree & someone who is of the holistic healing world, I do this with health all the time. I’m aware of a lot of the holistic world practices & methodologies toward various health & healing remedies for wellness. I also have an awareness about the medical industries practices, treatment types, narrative & agendas. Each discipline has their expertise in effectively caring for different kinds of situations.

Whether we’re speaking about the Corona virus or some other health related concern, subject or issue, you must be an ACTIVE, not a passive participant in your health & life.

You must not blindly follow the doctor. Never confuse loyalty with blind-loyalty; they aren’t the same. To many people have a blind-loyalty when it comes to following advice that concerns their families health & life … & that’s a huge problem.

They aren’t learning to think for themselves & they think that by being blindly-loyal & following whatever any discipline says without question, that their loyalty will be rewarded with favorable results. Well, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

First of all, blind-loyalty without learning the ability to think for yourself is not healthy. That’s like listening to everything our parents tell us to do, without question. Yes, they love us, but they are bias with their own agendas, interest & trauma & we need to factor that into our decision making process.

Also & believe it or not, unlike our parents, some people & industries do not necessarily have our best interest at heart, as much as they are more concerned about protecting their own interest, agenda & narrative. Learn to think.