This might be a new concept for some, but it’s vital to understand nonetheless.

As a teacher of mine always says, “it’s all about communication.”

What he means by this, is that no matter what’s going on in your life, or what may be troubling you, being in communication about it, is vital for liberation & healing.

By being in communication, one can liberate themselves from needless suffering.

Suffering is being in a state whereby someone is in resistance, because of fear & shame.

With having the ability to intimately communicate your feelings, physical healing is possible.

If you believe that healing things on an emotional level is an integral aspect of physical healing, as I do, then its clear that communication will contribute to physical healing.

I always say, what shows up in the mind, shows up in the body.

Whatever we struggle with on an emotional level has an equal counterpart & struggle being held within our body.

So our ability to communicate what these issues are that keep us stuck, can help unstick specific areas of our bodies & health.

Never under estimate the power of intimate communication. It has the ability to transform all kinds of things; it creates new possibilities where there previously weren’t any, heals emotional pain, transforms relationships, and works out physical ailments we’ve been holding onto.