Most people have heard of the mind-body connection, but they might not be able to physically FEEL that connection.

They don’t physically feel the relationship of how their unresolved feelings about all sorts of things, affects their health & body.

You may eat healthy, exercise daily & even enjoy having an aesthetically appealing body; however if you’ve got deep unresolved emotions, and you can’t feel their impact on your body, you’re not as healthy as you could be.

I advocate learning how to physically make that connection so that you will be better able to know what’s going on at deeper levels within yourself, rather than needing to have others constantly tell you.

When you can physically feel that connection within yourself, healing can really begin to deepen.

For example: in personal training, a client’s ability to feel the muscles being worked during an exercise brings about drastically better results vs. those who can’t feel what’s happening.

The same happens when it comes to connecting our bodies with our emotions. The results of healing dramatically rise as the person’s connection & awareness increases.