If you’re always playing the devils advocate, your credibility is suspect. These days, with the Corona virus, there’s a ton of solid information, misinformation & then there’s the conspiracy theories that always seem to be a part of it all.

I’ve never met a conspiracy theorist that didn’t seem to me like they had some unresolved fear, anxiety & panic that was driving their theories or attached themselves to others theories who also shared the same unresolved healing issues.

Am I saying that these people aren’t really intelligent or have some wise insightful things to point out & share? Nope, not saying that at all. I’m saying that anytime I hear certain perspectives coming from conspiracy, I always take it with a grain of salt from the perspective I just shared. Having said that, I’ve been taught to trust the “animal” to do what the animal does; and with that, I also listen to the media in the same filtered way as I listen to conspiracy theorists; biased.

Aside from conspiracy theories or theorists, there’s all the fear, that is by far a way bigger pandemic than the Corona virus will ever be.

How do we live in a world, where fear is pumped through the media on a regular basis, including that of the news, internet & with all the outlets including the theorists?

There’s the macro-worldly sense of fear, with all the news fear & then there’s our own micro-level of personal fear. How are we to find our way with both?

For me, this question has been my path & personal journey for well over 15 years. I’ve been learning & finding my way with how to be in the culture & the media, that is full of fear & is equally guilty of being harsh & not an easy place for sensitives.

Then there’s my own personal fear that I constantly am in connection & relationship with & conquering daily. All these years my journey has partially been about being in this culture, with everything that comes with it, while at the same time, not loyal to any of it.

How do we stay connected to all of it, while simultaneously not be immersed in it … that’s where true clarity & wisdom resides & that’s where I strive to live, daily.