It’s one thing to come into contact with someone who has the “virus” but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get it. Regardless of our age or health condition, our mindset should be one of strengthening our immune system, and building it up incrementally. Make sure not to tax your Immune System too hard with excessive undue stress and even exercise. Keep the exercise moderate & never fully “emptying” your tank which causes the body to work too hard to replenish itself. Use good judgment based on this and knowing yourself and your current condition. Now is also the time to eat for health and healing. Get as many healthy foods, proteins, fruits and veggies in your system and take your vitamins! Also, do what you can to get good nights rest because that’s when healing actually takes place. The deeper the sleep, the deeper the healing capacity of the body. Below is an amalgamation of different professional sources (Thank you @jaycampbell333 for doing the homework for us) with which to approach this time in our lives. Please note that is information below does not replace any public or personal medical attention or information and treatment you may need; this is personal information I’m merely sharing with you.

Some say this is a virus, while others are saying we need to think of this more of as a bioweapon. The difference being that typical viruses don’t behave like this; things like “Para-immunity” is required in order to defeat this “weapon.” To defeat this, you need to understand, the more contact with the Covid19 infected people = the more serious the case of illness when it overcomes the body’s natural defenses. We see this with doctors & nurses & first responders; natural disease does not act this way. All bio-weapons are designed to have simple keys that will disable them. The key for stopping the COVID19 attack on your body is called para-immunity.

You can improve your body’s natural defense against this bio-weapon by taking Vitamin C & D & A in quantity. The key to the COVID19 bio-weapon is to achieve a level of 22mg of absorbed vitamin C per pound of body weight and to maintain this level daily. Additionally, you are advised to have vitamin D supplements daily of 5000 IU or more. Vitamin A to be taken at 10,000 IU daily. There are also anti-viral compounds found in herbs & medicinal (Chaga) mushrooms that defeat this bio-weapon. These boost the power of the keys found to disable the bio-weapon as it attacks cells.

This approach cannot hurt your body. Maintain High Immunity Daily Dosage – Vitamin C (22mg of ABSORBED vitamin C per Pound of body weight – 4.7 grams for 215 pound Man) – Chaga Mushroom (500mg to 1.5 grams daily) – Vitamin A/D. (10K IU daily-Beta Carotene A as best version) – 45-60 Minutes of Daily Sunlight Exposure – Onset of symptoms of Covid-19 (Dry Cough, Fever, Sore Throat, Runny Nose) – 500mg to 2 grams Vitamin C every 30-60 minutes until symptom resolution (Excessive Vit C causes loose stools/diarrhea, just ease off a little bit if this happens. Don’t worry, it’s not a problem. If anything it’s a little detox. This is the bodies way of letting you know it’s hit its capacity and just ease off the quantity, but maintain the steady flow of daily Vit C) – Chaga Mushroom at 1.5 grams daily – Vitamin C could be the key to protecting us from all this; as well as part of the treatment.

Be well, stay well.