My heart is full of love & tons of feelings as write this & its partly inspired by a client/friend who’s having a bit of a dark day. One thing we all must get, is that everyone is going to have a dark day, or two or more during this quarantine time; it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. And just like a “dark night of the soul” what’s going to be paramount is how we navigate that darkness & all the heavy feelings that want to pour out of us. The key in navigating these moments is not to judge or criticize yourself for feeling this way; think of it like vomiting & you want the feelings to come out & not hold them back. You might find this silly, but the way I’ve always envisioned these moments throughout my life is that of a child doing a summersault; to do a good one, you must lean forward into it & tuck your chin & make yourself like a tight ball – the key is the tucking & rolling into it. And just like a good summersault, you want to lean into all those deep, heavy, scary feelings & let them pour out of you. You want to focus on letting go of all the judgment & resistance for the way you look or sound … or my favorite, “this isn’t spiritually enlightened of me to be doing this”. In actuality, these moments hold within them big opportunities to heal & move through heavy things you’ve long since struggled with – & the clarity, experience & wisdom from moving through them, rather than resisting them, is going to be where the enlightenment & deep healing comes from.

These days, everyone is feeling all the fear, anxiety & heaviness in the world & it’s not just all my fellow sensitives. There’s the macro sense of fear we’re navigating & the micro of our own personal lives. . . Just as the sages or yogis who go into seclusion to meditate for months or years on end, totally focusing on enlightenment, we too can spend some focused time dealing with our feelings & working on our mental & emotional selves.