So I saw Dawn of the planet of the apes recently and here is one of the things I got from it…

… and no I cannot just “watch” a movie, my mind never stops seeing the kinds of things I write about.

When we are unconscious about our fears, and we take action from that unaware place, we always end up hurting someone and getting ourselves into trouble.

The sooner we become aware of those fears, worries and insecurities, the sooner we get to choose how we act, rather than those feelings choosing for us.

Despite what some people say about how they can choose how they feel, NO you cannot …

… the only thing you can choose is how to get better at choosing how to act in response to those fearful feelings when they come up.

Of course that’s easier said than done… but its still true none the less.

Let me know how you liked the movie and what some of the things you got out of seeing it.

As always, I hope you are well, and if not, let me know what’s going on and how I might help.