To heal things deeply, you need to get into the darker, uncomfortable aspects of yourself, that people seldom want to look at, speak about & feel.

Years ago, during some intense periods of deep healing in my life, I used to visualize this process as if I was an orange, where the rind, or bitter aspects of myself was being turned inside out for me to experience all those darker aspects. I learned early on that this process of exposing all my anger, resentments & shameful feelings & bringing them into the light was necessary in order to deeply heal. The process of doing this kind of work is not easy, but what’s the alternative?

In much the same way, our culture is revealing some deep issues that we need to heal in much the same way & it’s a long time coming. These deep & dark issues of our culture has surfaced for everyone to see in all it’s not so glorious way.

Healing can feel rough at times, but that doesn’t mean it’s not necessary. I’m seeing all of this as a healthy thing, knowing that these things have been coming for many years for it to get to this point. I also know that change is a part of life, so it was always just a matter of time for all this to surface in the way that it has.

We’re either digging deeper & constantly evolving, changing & looking to heal, or were stagnating.