Hello Hello, long time no write – I hope this note finds you better and better.

To those of you who came to receive sessions from my Maori friends several weeks ago, it was great to see you there – thank you for coming, it was such an awesome day and everything I envisioned it would be..

.. I will definitely be doing that again, and you will be in the know about when that is so keep on the look out for future emails.

I spoke with some of you who came for a visit and I followed up to see how you were doing, and there’s one thing I wanted to share with all of you that I feel is very important that I would like you to know about..

.. I hope all of you are “empowering” the work that was done.

You are the one that “allows” the healing to come through you..

.. and you are the one that controls the depth of that healing; not my Maori friends, me, or any other “healer” or “coach” for that matter.

Coaches and healers do what they do with you, but you are the one that chooses to allow it to move you or not.

Not sure you’re aware of this, but each of us has the innate ability to heal within us; meaning, we are born with the ability to heal and it’s always happening regardless of what we do to help that process.

However, and having said that, what we do to help that innate healing ability is up to us and that includes mentally “choosing” to allow and even empower the work that was done with you to flow and move you.

Either you’re empowering the work or you’re causing it to jam up somewhere in your mind and body, the decision is always up to you.

That’s pretty much it for now

I hope this finds you well.

If you need any support, have questions or need follow-up help, feel free to call/write me and let me know what you need.