Despite what you’ve been told, trauma does not go away. Regardless of the hype-marketing by some good looking instagram guru or coach, don’t be fooled into thinking you can get rid of it.

I’m not going to go into the science of why that is, but what I will say is that trauma is embedded in our Central Nervous System. Our nervous systems have memory just as our muscles do. They retain the memory of many kinds of information & events including trauma that are stored in the joints & tissues of our bodies … our issues are in the tissues

Thinking that we can get rid of our trauma is a sure fire way of ensuring that it stays firmly in place; what you resist persists, right?

The only way to heal trauma is by going into it, rather than constantly trying to avoid it & look away. Instead of trying to get rid of it, I’m advocating you transform your relationship with trauma. By doing this, the trauma still remains, but our relationship to it changes, just like the nervous system … it moves from resistance & stress, to ease & alchemy. All this causes the body to be more at ease, with a greater overall function & with less pain.

There are all kinds of techniques & modalities that can help reduce the Central Nervous Systems’ energetic & emotional charges that store these events deep within us.

For me, & with the work I do, I’m a huge advocate of people getting into physical connection with these traumas through the type of Maori-Healing bodywork that I’ve been practicing for many years.

The specific intention is to locate all the areas within your body where you’ve stored these traumas & subsequently have been experiencing dysfunction & pain.

Upon doing that kind of work, you would then have a greater ability to feel the exact areas of your body you’ve stored them in & thus, can use greater awareness for the way you choose to respond when these sensitive areas get activated.

By having this new kind of connection, awareness & ability, you can choose to respond in a way that allows you to open up to healing & freedom. The alternative: you can choose to stay closed & to continue to shut down your feelings which further causes the stagnation to remain.Emo