We all have eternal contracts in areas of our lives that we excel in, meaning we take action & participate regardless of how we feel. But we do not have them in areas where things don’t come as easily … which leads to achieving fewer results in these areas.

If you feel so inclined this year …

Commit to improving an area of your life that doesn’t come easy to you.

Instead of just focusing on the goal, commit to bringing up & healing all the shame, fear, insecurities, struggles & other feelings in this area.

Commit to the healing & development.

Let go of the “result” for the sake of transforming this area of your life.

Find someone who can help give you feedback, reflection & clarity along the way, so you can gain traction.

Working on a difficult area of your life will cause a ripple effect & improve other areas of your life, including the areas that you’re already strong in.

If you go on this adventure, by this time next year, you’ll look back & feel proud, more confident & realize how much you’ve grown. And don’t be surprised, you’ll also see the results.