Now that I have your attention, here’s what I have to share with you.

No, I’m not getting a facelift, you’re stuck with the one I have.

I’ve given my website a bit of a facelift to celebrate my switch in my web designer company, which is now called @gospacecraft. Below is a link for you to check them out.

For all those interested and needing a new website, or if you’re like me and you just want your current site migrated over from another company that you’re not happy with, @gospacecraft is a really great company to do that for you.

I found them because they are strategic partners with my program that I use to run my practice, and that company is called

I can’t say enough amazing things about @mindbodyonline as well; they’ve been like having a partner in my business, and I’ve been with them for quite awhile now and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s not easy to find great companies who are user friendly and can make life easier, but I seemed to have found two.

Check them out if you need any help.

So have a looksee at my site, and for those of you who are really motivated and have not yet become a client of mine, feel free to click on my Health and Life questionnaire

This questionnaire asks you several questions about your life and health, and it gives me a lot of insight to the areas you struggle with so I can start to get a pulse of you for when we speak.

Don’t worry, even though the questions are quite personal, the answers get sent directly to my email, so no need to worry about anyone else seeing them.

I always suggest filling out that questionnaire before I see any new clients or even before setting up any complimentary consults.

My work is not for everyone, even though most people can benefit from it.

It’s for those who somehow feel connected to, and compelled to something about my work and me.

Its for those who are seeking alternative options to helping them solve some kind of pain they’ve been experiencing that other practitioners haven’t seemed to be able to handle; or quite frankly, you’re just looking for something different than the usual route.

Part of my passion in my work is in providing people with perspectives about their life and health that are often unique, and that other practitioners haven’t given to them before.

I also like helping people to not waste their money, time and energy in seeking practitioners and methods that in my opinion aren’t an optimal solution or a fit for their needs.

For us to truly heal anything, we must connect more deeply within ourselves in order to FEEL what lay at the core as a reason for our pain and dysfunction – and my work helps you make that connection.

Developing a deeper connection within ourselves allows us to become empowered in our healing process, rather than to just merely go to someone to “get healed” or constantly struggle and throw things against the wall to see what sticks – which can be costly, frustrating and time consuming.

So that’s all for now.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about my new site.

Thank you in advance for checking it out.

Talk soon,