I don’t feel people are doing very well these days & it bothers me. On a deep level, somewhere underneath it all, I probably feel some level of helplessness about it. Not the kind of helplessness that leaves me paralyzed in bed, I’m speaking about the kind of feelings that sit within the deepest aspects of me, that probably comes from somewhere in the past. I see clients all day long & enjoy a full life despite this feeling, & I feel fortunate that I have a skill-set that allows me to help.

I’m not going to go into the details about the p@ndemic or va₵₵ines, but yes, that plays a role.

My education & interest in health & healing differs from the context of how many, including the medical establishment views things. Having said that, I’m mostly focused on all the fear within people that this global p@ndemic is provoking.

I’ve shared in previous posts when all of this began, that what I’m calling the p@ndemic, has less to do with an actual
v!rus – it has more to do with fear. Fear is the thing that will cause the most destruction & will spread & have the biggest impact on all of us … & I still feel that way today.

Fear & “bad” stress are the biggest contributing factors to sickness & disease. And yes, there’s a difference between good vs. bad stress.

They both put wear & tear on our immune systems, which make us susceptible to all kinds of things, including v!ruses. That’s what v!ruses feed off of.

Fear & stress can cause numerous physical issues & even elicit or turn on otherwise dormant genetic issues within our nervous systems.

Fear is quite insidious, & has an ability to grow like a fungus & infect areas without our awareness until it’s become a major problem … & this is what I see happening with a lot of people – a lack of awareness of the magnitude it has had on them.

Most will say it makes sense, because we’re in the midst of a global p@ndemic created by a v!rus. Others might say while that is (somewhat) true, what is also true is there will always be a reason to be afraid, & our ability to take a closer, more objective look into this fear, is what is actually needed.