In healing, the mind plays a major roll with things like pain, sickness & many other things. Of course there are exceptions to why certain people get sick & why others don’t, however this is a generalization that I think is worthy to mention. The Corona virus is certainly legit despite conspiracy theorists; people from all over are experiencing consistent symptoms that lay outside the basic symptomatology of that of the common flu. Sure there’s things like age, health condition, pre-existing health issues & other factors. There’s also people’s ability to adhere to heightened hygiene & safety practices that will certainly mitigate transmission. However, after all that is said & considered, there’s the fear factor. Fear, stress & worry(FSW) play a big roll in ones health, wellness, vitality as well as their susceptibility to incurring dis-ease of all kinds. (FSW) wears down our immune systems ability to fight infection & it even makes it susceptible to attracting it; this is a scientific fact & is not debatable. Having said that, it’s our relationship with these things, especially during these times that’s vital. Whether we’ve come in contact with someone with the Corona virus or not, it’s our mindset & (FSW) that will be a factor as to whether some will get sick, why others won’t, why some will have severe cases while others will be mild – regardless of their exposure. Having (FSW) is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. We must do everything we can to honor those deep feelings & find our way with having them without allowing them to run us. We need to do what we can to be safe during this time of great speculation, as well as watch for how we are finding our way with being with these feelings & look to reduce them in any way that we can. Being exposed doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get it, or that your case will be severe; what will be a deciding factor is how strong & robust your mindset & immune system is.

Take your vitamins, zinc & C especially, get plenty of rest, eat healthy, exercise, do meditation, breath work, watch comedies, maintain connections with friends & family & do not isolate yourself, have sex with your significant other or yourself, read before you go to sleep, hot showers at night to relax & cool showers in the am to rinse off anxiety etc etc.