No, it doesn’t have a fancy name like COVID-19 or The Corona Virus, but don’t overlook fear as being anything less than insidiously lethal. Like weeds to a garden, fear slowly but surely covers more & more ground, systemically infecting every area of life, often undetected until our condition has become critical. ⁣

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know how I feel about the Corona virus fiasco, & how it’s not the actual cause of fear, but merely the catalyst for us to connect to the depth of fear we were carrying around in our bodies, long before this started. ⁣

I’ve been watching people wearing their masks hiking outside in the bright sunny California weather & alone in their cars. It dawned in me that I feel sad & pissed off about it. ⁣

I feel horrible for the perpetuation of fear that’s being propagated on us. Call me a psychic or a psycho, but I’m seeing fear becoming the new pandemic. It will be something every profession will have to consider & include as a service when helping a customer, a client, or a patient, regardless of what you do for a living. ⁣

As anti-anxiety & anti-depressant usage was rising steadily before this shit-show got started, all of this is going to create a massive up-tick in those numbers & it’s not going to be good for our collective health & wellbeing. ⁣

Like I’ve shared before, I know what it’s like to dig through deep fear & it’s no easy journey. I have massive compassion for all the people who are faced with that same journey. Fight like your life depends on it, because it does. Living life riddled with fear is not living.