Feeling overwhelmed?

You’re not alone, let me explain.

Overwhelm is such a common feeling people are experiencing these days.

It seems like every client I’m seeing, one after the other, is experiencing overwhelm for one reason or another.

I say it that way because people may have different “content” in his or her lives, but everyone lives a similar “context”.

“Content” is the specific names of people and places in your life that may differ from mine or yours, while “context” is the emotional terrain like heartbreak, sadness, anger and rage that everyone deals with no matter who you are or what you do for a living.

No matter what the “content” is that makes us different, the context is what binds us together and makes everyone’s path similar because we all deal with the varied emotional terrain that life is filled with.

Having said that ..

.. to me, overwhelm is more of an emotional distinction rather than a physical one.

Mostly when people talk about feeling overwhelmed, they talk about how much they have to do physically, but what they are really saying is how overwhelming their feelings are, and how much they are struggling with them, and how much it scares them to feel so much.

I think people focus on the physical aspect of overwhelm and not the emotional because it’s easier and probably more socially acceptable.

To say that you feel emotionally overwhelmed to others might leave you feeling very vulnerable and seen by others as being frail or weak – not true, but that’s a common thought.

So that’s the kind of overwhelm I’m speaking about.

And it makes sense how so many of my client’s and so many others feel the same way …

.. for starters, just look at how much is going on in the world, sheesh!!!

Whether it’s a new tragedy, war or story of heartbreak blasted on the news or internet, we are all being bombarded by all kinds of communications and demands for our attention..

.. and that will make anyone anxious and overwhelmed, right?!

So I have a question for you ..

.. who helps you navigate these powerful feelings and emotions including overwhelm and anxiety? ..

.. they certainly don’t go away by themselves.

And no amount of exercise will get rid of it either; in fact, too much exercise can leave you depleted, which makes anxiety worse.

Emotional issues require emotional healing.

Having someone like myself help you navigate the emotional terrain and develop your skills to learn how to navigate those feelings in a much healthier and productive way is part of my work…

.. My expertise is in helping people “feel” how physical and emotional healing come together; how your emotional selves relates to your body and health.

For those of you who are struggling with anxiety and overwhelm and are looking for help in seeking new solutions, I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

… but only if you’re serious about needing help.

Simply email me a little about what’s going on with you and I’ll see if I can help in any way I can, which may include any necessary referrals.

You may know how to handle overwhelm and anxiety like you always do, but that doesn’t mean it’s a very healthy way and at some point you will find that your condition worsens over time…

…time doesn’t heal your wounds, so don’t bet on that happening in the future, do something about it now!

Be well.