Life can sometimes be difficult to navigate and we definitely live in a crazy world. One thing that has helped me, and might make finding your way easier for you, is thinking about a construct of “freedom” vs. “survival.”

Imagine it as being on one side of a train track versus the other. One moment you’re in freedom: making decisions and moving along your merry way. Then all of a sudden, seemingly for no reason at all, you find yourself bound up, mentally/emotionally conflicted: in survival.

You may or may not notice a kind of “noise” or internal dialogue in your head, where there once was nothing but whistling Dixie and skipping along.

That noise, or commentary about something being good or bad, denotes being in survival, while the lack of commentary and simply taking action mostly implies being in freedom.

When in survival, you process from a place of fear and shame, whereas when in freedom, it’s about intention, love & faith (not hope). In freedom there is zero noise in one’s head. No commentary whatsoever. Not good noise, not bad noise. Literally no noise.

In upcoming posts I’ll share with you examples, otherwise known as “Core Confusions,” which can help you see whether you’re on the freedom or the survival side of the tracks.

A “Core Confusion” is a comparison of 2 ways of being that look and sound similar, however in one you are on the freedom side of the tracks, while the other describes the survival side. For instance: Service vs. Sacrifice, Childlike vs. Childish, Dream vs. Fantasy. As you can see, the terms seem similar, but the effects are very different and therefore extremely important to understand to give insight into which side you’re on in any given moment.

Each of us have a few Core Confusions that we bounce between, and knowing more in depth about them can be the difference between living a life of freedom vs. one of survival.