There’s an innate healing life force that flows throughout our mind & body.

So, since the body naturally seeks to always heal itself, regardless of what’s happening, how can we align with it & optimize healing?

Get out of its way.

If healing flows like a river through our mind & body, then we should focus on anything that stagnates or impedes this flow.

In Chiropractic, we seek to remove interference at the level of our spine, because we know that any obstruction at this level causes nerve conduction to diminish, which causes communication between our brain (where nerves start) & body (where they end) to diminish. For instance, you wouldn’t want your brain to slowly interpret the communication from your body as it touches a hot stove asking for you to remove your hand now!

Also, arteries require space with which to effectively carry blood away from our hearts, & veins are responsible to bring it back to the heart, so we definitely don’t want obstruction here either.

Never underestimate the power of misaligned constructs, narratives, viewpoints & so called “truths” we live by, & how they can all affect the flow of healing. Always remember, what stagnates in the mind, shows up in physical form as stagnation in the body, somewhere, somehow.

Stuck or congested energy & emotions can also be problematic to our health & life. Any congestion, including withheld anger, resentment, sadness, heartbreak & even joy can all wreak havoc on our health & body, if they’re not set free. Unexpressed feelings of all kinds must be exposed & released or the body will express them as some kind of dysfunction.

Even a lack of curiosity can be an obstruction to healing, especially with respect to relationships. A lack of curiosity decreases our ability to have healthy intimate relationships. By lacking curiosity, we shut down communication, which then shuts down intimacy. Lack of intimacy ultimately has ill effects on our overall health, because there is great healing in the power of love.

There are many ways with which to look at health & healing & this is just one. Take a look & see what you could be doing to help it flow better.