Regardless of whether you’re on some kind of “healing journey” like I’ve always considered myself to be on, you literally have to take breaks & get away from your routine, your environment, your space, your work & sometimes you even have to get away from the people you love in order to restore a healthy perspective towards everything.

These past two days I did a couple of hikes up a trail that I haven’t been up in awhile & it felt good. I used to do them alone regularly, a lot more, years ago when things were difficult for me; I needed regular pockets of time to reflect & get as much clarity as I could, just to keep me going from week to week. Since those days, I’ve needed way less solitude & way more connection with people as a form of healing.

It felt good to get above it all these past two days; to get above the energy of the culture & the layer of fear that permeates, because of the Corona virus.

Just like hiking high up a mountain, the same goes with my work, while listening to clients speak. I have to listen from a place that’s high above the specific feeling & the details of their conversation & struggle. I can’t allow myself to get caught up in their energy or their pattern of thinking or else I’m no good to them. Regardless of whether you want to be a good coach, healer or therapist, or not, it’s vital to learn how to be able to listen to others in this same way. Of course, it’s not that easy when it comes to listening to those we love, but it’s still a vital skill to learn how to cultivate none the less. Learn how to stay connected & yet removed in a way, at the same time.

For those who love @michaeljordan @scottiepippen @dennisrodman (we share the same birthday 😈🎂 5/13) and the old @chicagobulls teams, you’ve got to watch @thelastdance on ESPN2, It was awesome tonight & I’m so excited to see next weeks episodes🔥