Depending on what you believe in, whether it be God or universal intelligence (I believe in both), it designed us with the capacity to heal & endure many things, including viruses.

It did not make mistakes when designing us where it left out certain things to the extent that it would have us being so vulnerable & in need of requiring isolation.

Sure, there are things people are born with that make them vulnerable to all kinds of things, but for the most part, we were fully provided for.

It’s incumbent upon us to first realize those innate healing abilities we possess within us & then learn to optimize what we’ve been given.

I think now is a really good time to make use of & to consider how we can contribute to optimizing that innate healing potential.

It’s been written that right around 40% of the US is obese. I don’t care how glorious the design of the human mind & body is with its ability to heal, we’ve got to take better care of ourselves if we’re going to survive this pandemic, or anything else for that matter.

For over 10 months we’ve been pumped with all kinds of “fear” of a virus that can end us if we’re not locked in our houses. That cannot be healthy; plus, that’s just not true & it’s no way to live.

After the dust settles, the biggest virus to contend with will be the cumulative effect of all the insidious fear that we’ve absorbed by our nerve systems. Beyond COVID or anything else, anxiety & depression will be more apparent to a level where it will contribute to placing more burden on doctors than they already have to carry.

I have a huge respect for all things healing and health, including the role of viruses. I also feel the importance to constantly sift our way through the fearful narrative to find what’s true & what’s not regarding this pandemic.

I also think it’s vital to see how we can contribute & get out of the way of God’s creation by contributing to its optimization, rather than hiding out at home, gaining weight, hoping to be saved by a vaccine. We’ve already been saved. It’s time to save ourselves.