This communication isn’t just about Kobe, but about loss & grief in general. For some, they’ve experienced things in their lives where they’ve never grieved & that affects their current lives. For others, they tend to hang on too long to things & struggle with forgiving or letting go & moving forward & this shows up as well. Lastly, there are those who try & hurry through grief & don’t allow for a healthy time to process all they’ve been through … & that will be revealed at some point later down the road. There’s no right answer as to how long one must grieve, it’s up to the individual.
However, it must be said that letting go & grief is a major tenet to healing. For some, we will be fortunate to get certain riches in life, while others will not, but what is guaranteed is that we all must learn how to lose & let go if we are going to have a fulfilled life & to develop the ability to evolve & heal; learning how to let go & grieve is just as necessary as learning how to win & triumph.

Without the ability to grieve, let go, allow, pivot & transition, how does one evolve & heal?

When we hold onto & resist letting go or allowing grief to have its place in our lives, we lose many abilities, including happiness. To the extent we know grief & sadness, we will know happiness; it’s Buddhist & it’s true. Resisting both, also resists healing & that’s a fact of life & something we all must pay attention to. Things don’t just go away. What we struggle with inwardly will show up in our outer world; if you look, you will see it. Being able to see & feel the relationship of how we hold on internally & how it affects our physical world is a skill for sure, but it’s also a choice that’s there for anyone who is willing to look.