“Happy” Holidays from quarantine.

As I’ve previously written, I’m concerned for people’s spirit, because I think it’s been grossly overlooked when deciding what the best path to take is, with respect to dealing with quarantine & COVID-19.

The impact remains to be seen. We have yet to see the full impact this prolonged quarantine & associated shut down has had on us. When things return to some kind of “normalcy” I have a hunch it’s going to look pretty bad, especially when it comes to people’s well-being.

It’s time to seriously question & re-evaluate what actually heals us & what perpetuates problems.

Just as with COVID-19, & anything else, we have to decide whether the “treatment” will cause worse symptoms than the initial problem & in the case of the shutdown, everyone has their own opinion depending on their point of view. Maybe that’s why health & healing isn’t one size fits all; what works for you, may not work for me or be my preference in dealing with the same issue.

Having said that, my heart goes out to all whose spirits have become weary. It’s no easy task to keep ones spirit high in the best of times, let alone during these uncertain ones.

It’s weird & maybe even a bit inappropriate to wish everyone a “Happy” Holidays during these times, especially considering everything that’s been going on & how everyone is being affected, but I’ll do it anyway. Maybe happy can be a placeholder to simply represent a well wishing for whatever the person needs at this time in their lives.

I feel an enormous amount of compassion for everyone & all the different struggles they are having to find their way through.

I too have found this year to be challenging. I’ve put my heart into it more than ever before; & that says a lot, because I put my whole heart into everything. Sure, I found love in the time of Corona, but that does not mean I’ve been without my challenges. Maybe that’s the point to remember. We are all fragile more than we’d like to think & this entire fiasco has revealed that in a big way. However, If we remember this feeling, our level of compassion for others will continue to grow & that would be a very good thing for everyone.