To keep it simple, it’s the place I’m affecting when I work with people; it’s the area where our emotions are connected to the body. While doing the sort of bodywork that I practice, I was taught to work 5% more than someone can handle, because that’s where the change(magic)takes place. I mention this because it’s something that needs to be understood if you’re going to transform or heal something on a deep level. In order to heal & transform, you must learn how to surrender & allow. While many other bodywork forms are extremely therapeutic, not many offer the opportunity that involve opening ones emotional & energetic bodies. To transform something, we must learn how to surrender & this sort of bodywork is designed to help people do that. Put another way; often times, the body falls victim to being susceptible to holding onto all kinds of things stress related. As that stress builds, it puts increasing amounts of pressure on the body & if that pressure continues like that for long enough, big problems can & will occur. This kind of bodywork looks to help people locate these areas of holding patterns in the physical, energetic & emotional domains through a kind of deep tissue moves. Moving the body in this way helps give people an opportunity to feel into deeper aspects of themselves beneath the pain-body they wouldn’t normally allow themselves to experience if left to their own doing. Having a practitioner like myself, push them into these areas, helps them connect to what they’ve been holding onto & to give them an opportunity to choose to let it go & allow their emotions to open up. In doing this kind of deep work, it allows for all kinds of healing & miracles to come about that wasn’t available before because of all the holding on. To bring something new into your life, you’ve got to let go of something old to create the space for it.