From the beginning of this entire Corona virus fiasco, I’ve been writing & sharing my viewpoints & some inner feelings of the kinds of things I’ve been going through & working on. Part of that sharing has been this idea of how the virus & quarantine has been a contributing factor to some personal soul-searching & self examination. It’s also been a catalyst in helping “force” me into connecting to feelings & aspects of myself I might not have otherwise connected to in “normal” life. Often times, we encounter all sorts of events in our lives, like the Corona virus & quarantine, that become vehicles for healing, that help us connect with deeper aspects of ourselves we can’t quite reach ourselves.

The same sentiment still continues to deepen, considering all sorts of new developments that arise.

Healing can be violent. No, I’m not condoning violence, I’m simply sharing my experience with it from the viewpoint of healing & my work. I’ve never seen any great change or healing without some kind of “violent” feeling that our survival system has to go through & experience in order to introduce a new way of being into our physiology. Anyone who says anything different has never experienced deep healing, transformation or change on any sort of profound level. They might know how to talk a good game & use all the right lingo & vernacular, but they ultimately will lack the kind of healing & change they’re looking for. Change by nature is uncomfortable & often times painful – & that’s a fact.