What does it feel like?

Bodywork aimed at deep healing feels like an adventurous process where you’re reconnecting with numb, tight, disconnected, restricted & painful parts of your body. It aims to help you return to suppleness within your muscles, limberness to your joints & the biggest connection coming from all the feelings you’ve been storing inside as they come pouring out.

Instead of a therapeutic conversation whereby the practitioner seeks to reach your feelings through talking, this bodywork focuses on the injured or dysfunctional part of your body. It goes straight to the body’s physical manifestation where you’ve stored the painful issues & events you’ve been speaking about with your therapists & coaches.

It’s a cathartic form of bodywork where you’re emoting, expressing & sharing all the feelings you’ve forgotten about or were afraid to say.

All of these communications you’ve stored over time have created various conditions in your body ranging from simple misalignments to chronic health conditions.

It could show up as a hip that becomes painful & restricted over time & turns arthritic or it’s a throat chakra that closes down from a lack of communication & presents as thyroid issues or chronic sore throats. The responses of the body as it pertains to mental & emotional issues are widely variable & people can respond differently to a similar trauma.

This bodywork would be described as uncomfortable & sometimes painful. Why? Because the return to feeling again or undoing painful & often dysfunctional aspects of ourselves can be very uncomfortable. It’s definitely a path only the most motivated individuals go on because they’re clear that the alternative of continuing what they’ve been doing no longer serves them. They become crystal clear that they’ve shut down certain aspects of themselves as a result of a painful trauma from the past.

It’s no easy feat to reverse the effects of many kinds of trauma, however less invasive healing modalities lack the ability to take you far enough to heal those deep aspects of yourself. The depth of healing depends on your desire to go there.

Examine your desire to heal & you’ll always find the practitioner to match the depth of commitment you have.