This culture has been guilty of avoiding feelings of sadness, grief & heartbreak … I don’t feel people find much value in them & they’re terrified to find out.

These feelings have fallen down the list past the more popular ones of ambition, motivation, hard work & … “out working everybody”; and I don’t think we’re better off for it – I actually think we might even be worse off, especially emotionally.

There are those who’ve adopted the popular notion that if you want to manifest something in your life, you have to be at the same energetic frequency as that which you desire to manifest. I’m not saying there isn’t truth to this, but it’s not the entire truth; people can attract just as much from honoring feelings of sadness.

Then there are those who feel that they can’t afford to allow their feelings of sadness & grief to be part of their life, because they feel it will impede their ability to focus on work & making money. Sure this is partially true; dealing with our emotional selves takes energy, but disconnecting from this aspect of ourselves also comes with costly consequences.

There’s a lot of work-arounds in the self-help world. People are adopting techniques, hacks & other methodologies in order to avoid all kinds of feelings of shame, inadequacy, sadness, grief & heartbreak, mostly so they can achieve & be more productive.

We only begin to see this cost, when an aspect of our life starts to crash. It could come at the hand of a boss firing us, a significant other saying they can’t stand our behavior any longer or some other method. When it comes, it’s a “come to Jesus moment” & you can’t avoid it. You have a breakdown & you come face to face with the truth of what you’ve been bypassing all this time. You start to acknowledge the truth of what you’ve been trying to hide with all the accomplishments & productivity.