In some circles, people talk about manifesting & how you need to be on the same vibrational state as the things you want to attract in your life.

These people I’m speaking of, are in part, basing their knowledge off of the popular book, Power vs. Force by David Hawkins. In it, he talks about the energetic frequency levels of the various states of being: love, anger, shame, fear – each designated by a specific number or energetic score.

Sure there’s merit to what they’re saying, but the problem is, they’re oversimplifying it. They’re not including the fact that emotionally healthy people vacillate between energetic & emotional states throughout the day. At different points in the day & depending on the area of life people have “noise” in, they often find themselves getting into lower or higher vibrational states.

Secondly, people have the ability to manifest things into their life without necessarily being in a “high vibration state.” For example, all kinds of people suffer major losses in life & still end up manifesting great opportunities despite feeling full of grief & sadness.

Some people extract portions of various theories such as manifestation, Buddhism, & others, that suits their thinking, but ignore other more comprehensive aspects of these powerful teachings. This can be dangerous to mental & emotional health & wellbeing. They seem to do this as a kind of spiritual or emotional bypass to avoid confronting deeper feelings necessary for true health & wellbeing to occur.

While indulging in the darker feelings can be adverse to your health, so can avoiding them.