Regardless of whether or not you’re connected to the feeling of what it’s like to hold back your feelings, the fact is, it’s an exhausting pursuit & it’s literally killing you; most people only realize it when they’ve burst into tears at some point, thrusting them into the realization of how much they’ve been holding onto.

As we take part in all kinds of healing & therapeutic practices, we tend to grow in our awareness & physical connection with our feelings. This connection with our feelings makes us more aware of those moments & times when we’re choosing to hold them back.

For me, I can see & feel how holding back my feelings impacts my life & the way I live in so many ways. I can see how it causes me to communicate with people in less than optimal ways & I can see how it affects them & causes them to react to me because of it; I can even see how it affects the kind of food that I crave – the list is long to say the least.

All this to say, how vital I think it is for our health & healing for people to deal with their emotional life. No matter how good you are at compartmentalizing your feelings, being productive & busy, rationalizing them away, or doing positive affirmation mantras, the truth of what we are holding onto emotionally still remains to be seen & freed from our hearts.

Doing this kind of work relieves burden from our minds & souls, it heals our bodies, it improves our relationships & it creates new possibilities in our lives in ways we never thought possible.