Arthur Miller wrote “I think it’s a mistake to look for hope outside of oneself” and I think it’s applicable to these times.

With the role out of the vaccines for the COVID-19 virus, the CDC & the powers that be are doing everything they can to ensure everyone takes part.

I’m not going to say a ton about how effective it is or to tell you whether or not you should take it, but what I will say is that a vaccine is not a panacea nor is it our savior.

It can be difficult to know in the best of times what to do that is optimal for our health & life, let alone during these very uncertain times.

We live in a medical model paradigm of health & healing. For better or worse, it’s a powerful way of doing things that engenders a lot of false loyalty & encourages a lack of taking personal responsibility on the part of the patient. It perpetuates a do-as-we’re-told mentality regardless of knowing better or less invasive alternatives out of fear of disappointing the doctor.

Meanwhile, apart from being one of the most powerful countries in the world, our ranking as far as health is low. Our world ranking reported by Bloomberg as of 2019 was 35th.

Our reliance on medicine for every ache, pain & feverish symptom might be a good reason why our ranking is such & why we’re anxiously waiting in hope for another drug to come & save us.

Viruses, by design, are similar to us in that they are encoded with the pursuit of striving to be the strongest version of themselves, just as we are. Having said this, I don’t think a vaccine is going to eradicate its existence that easily; it never has before in history.

I don’t know what you’ll choose to do for yourself & your family, whether you take the vaccine or not, but you must take full responsibility for the good, the bad & ugly of your decision. These aren’t vitamins you’re injecting into your blood stream. You must educate yourself, regardless of your decision.