Think of the question as if Im talking about an actual person you’re in a relationship with & someone asks you the same kind of question.How would you answer it?🤔Journal this out.

It makes no difference if you have a great body & enjoy good health or not; it’s worth doing the exercise to look to see how you feel in relationship to it – how you feel about it, says a lot. Here’s a few prompts to help you. Think creatively & not so literally. Sometimes there are contextual themes that show up like:

– I’m not enough, or I’m too much for this or that reason.
– Who could someone love me for having or not having this or that – I don’t love me for having it so how could they?
– My body isn’t perfect, so I’m not worthy of love.
– My body is my sole reflection of my self worth so if it’s not always perfect, I’m unworthy.
– I’m angry at my body for having this or that struggle or disease. I can’t let go of the anger toward myself.
– Why did God make me this way, I hate “him” for it & I hate myself for being this way too. Fuck him & fuck me.
– Why am I like this, why me, I don’t understand.
– I have such a perfect body & perfect health, am I a narcissist? I think about my body all the time, even when I’m with lovers & being social. I wonder if thinking about myself in that way & that much is problematic, just as much as if I hated aspects of my body & health.
You get the idea; these are just a few prompts to get your journaling going. Add to it. No one is perfect & the same goes for each of our health & bodies. We each have strengths, weaknesses & vulnerabilities. Everyone deals with something, despite seemingly perfect lives, health & bodies. You may not be able to see it, but the conflicts are definitely there & that’s a part of being human.

How can we expect something to improve, if the relationship we have with something doesn’t?

It’s the way in which we shift that relationship that will ultimately transform both the external as well as the internal, mental & emotional aspects of ourselves.
And even if aspects of our physical condition may never change, we can always shift our relationship to it & that can change our life for the better.