After I sent out the last email regarding my Maori-Healer teachers coming into town, I felt compelled to share more about how exactly this unique kind of bodywork has helped me with my life and how it may help you too.

Really quickly, and for those who have no idea what this work is, it looks like a sports-type massage, meaning that it’s hands on and it works at the root level of your muscle imbalance, pain and stagnation.

I started receiving this work when I was about 29… I’m turning 47 in May. My first teacher was both a body-worker and someone who did talk-type therapy with me, even though she wasn’t an actual therapist (sound familiar?)

At the time, I had a lot of upheaval going on in my life, and so going to see this teacher of mine, meant that I was going to be able to have a safe place to unload emotions I’d been bottling up, and this unique-style of bodywork was a perfect vehicle to facilitate that.

Right off the bat, and on a instinctual level, I saw the value in being able to discharge a lot of trapped feelings I’d been holding onto, and for many reasons.

And that’s where my connections and insight began.

– I knew that if people are bound on a mental/emotional level, that alone will be enough to cause the body to be under great stress and would be a primary cause of it’s dis-ease at some point down the line.

– And by merely giving the body an outlet to release this kind of tension holding pattern, it can relax and heal more efficiently in a way that it innately already knows how to do.

– I realized that the bodywork sort of spoke for itself that my teacher didn’t need to. It connected me with some deep part within me, like some kind of automatic guidance system that brought me clarity regarding many things about my body, health and life that I didn’t need to talk about … the communications came via the bodywork.

– I realized, and quickly saw that most people live detached lives to one extent or another; that their connection with deeper parts of themselves, including on an emotional level, were not being accessed.

– I saw how, despite being a sensitive person, I struggled emotionally, and lacked the ability to express that pain verbally in an articulate way. I saw how that struggle caused a lot of frustration on my part, and exactly how it coincided with specific muscular holding patterns in my body.

– I saw extreme value, to be able to connect and feel how ones external physical pain and dysfunction related to their inward emotional struggles.

– the deeper I allowed the work to go and learned to surrender to it, the deeper and the further back into my memories I could connect to and see all the painful places I’d long since forgot and suppressed; it showed me exactly how they were still left unhealed and how it impacted my current life and why certain areas of it weren’t going so well.

– The bodywork helped me shed a lot of deep, dark emotions like rage, anger, resentment, and frustration. It helped me remove a lot of layering that prohibited a kind of self-love. Removing all those dark emotions allowed more light and levity within me to expand, like my sense of humor and playfulness.

– I deepened my compassion and empathy for others and saw that everyone suffered to one extent or another with the same things that I struggled with.

For those interested in receiving sessions from my Maori-Healer teachers in Topanga this Sunday and Monday February 17th and 18th, feel free to either text me or reply to this email.

For more explanation of the work, check out my previous email posted on my website, Facebook or my instagram page.

Looking forward to seeing y’all soon,


Where: Topanga, California (Exact address will be sent out personally)

When: This Sunday and Monday February 17th and 18th(Presidents weekend)

Cost: $200 cash per session

Time: 10-4

– Each session ranges between 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

– Please come at least 15 minutes early and allow extra time just in case things run over with others.