It’s like an icicle that runs the the line of the deepest part of our bodies. It sits there frozen, filling in the gaps of our unhealed trauma, protecting us from the pain of those things we’ve long since forgot or can’t handle. It helps us disconnect from all the overwhelming feelings we simply find it too difficult to process. With that disconnection from the pain & trauma, comes a disconnect from our minds & bodies, where these feelings are buried. That disconnection from the body that holds the source of our unrest, also comes a disconnection from a part of our self; meaning, even though those feelings & parts of us cry out for our attention & acknowledgement, our disconnection doesn’t allow that communication to come through. Just like anyone, our bodies & pain will continue to find a way to get these communications through to us. It does this by innately stepping up its communication abilities in the form of creating wake up calls, physical pain, numbness & dysfunction, as well as seeping into aspects of our lives making those areas more troublesome over time. By no means is it an enemy; in fact it’s a great source of direction for deep healing, liberation & joy.

But what does healing this icicle created by shame & trauma as a protective mechanism look like?

It looks like applying heat to it. Over time it starts to thaw & melt causing a flow of great vitality that was once frozen, to now begin melting & integrating into our bodies. That vitality is certainly liberating, but it can also be uncomfortable & it will take your courage to know the difference between hurt vs. harm to continue on that path. How we engage in that thawing process starts with a commitment to do it … you have to decide! And from that decision, ensues an innate unfolding that causes curiosity to start to flow, revealing techniques, people & practitioners who can aide in that healing journey.

That’s where your commitment will be tested. You’ll be “forced” to take action with those people & techniques & start to find your way with them, making sure you continually figure out whether those things serve you despite the discomfort. What you’ll start to see is that trauma created icicle melting & integrating into your body & life. What once looked like the bane of your existence & life, begins to look like the source of what it means to truly live a life & not a concept of what you thought it should look like. It becomes a path you stay loyal & true to, because you’ve known what it’s like to live the other way & you can’t go back. Here’s to a new beginning on your healing journey, or merely a friendly reminder along the path to keep going! … see you out there