A “Core Construct” is denoted by the formula, “If this, then that” … If I work hard, I’ll get rich; If I worry, bad things won’t happen. The list goes on & they are never true, but that doesn’t stop people from living by them.

The above is a “Core Construct” that is untrue … just as all others are.

Holding on tight will NOT ensure that everything will be alright. What it might do, as with other “Core Constructs,” is lead to the opposite of this person’s intention (a self-fulfilling prophecy.)

Both life & our bodies don’t do well with holding on tight, hoping things will be alright.

Both life & our bodies are designed to constantly change in order to ensure health & healing.

Any time we resist change, we can expect life & the body to reflect that resistance.

And depending on the level of resistance & the amount of time someone has been holding on, one could expect bigger, more painful symptoms to be created by the body. By trying to ensure everything will be alright, you may actually see a reduction of possibilities created in your life.

The body is designed to be put under stress so it can grow, heal & get stronger, and it also needs to be allowed to let go, allow & surrender.

Both aspects are fundamental to the vitality of a healthy body & life.