For many years, I felt like a train that had derailed off its tracks, leaving behind miles of personal “belongings” thrown about the cars & tossed along side of the train as far as the eye could see. I felt like I was hurled onto a journey, to take inventory of the “accident” (my mistakes & missteps), & take a closer look at how I got to that place in my life.

For years, I totally committed to healing, resolving, rectifying & reinventing myself at all costs. I had my heart, an iron will, & a vision in place for what I wanted to create, both personally & professionally. In addition, I enlisted a select few mentors to help me with that re-creation.

Along this path, I’ve learned a great deal. One such lesson was my capacity to celebrate the good fortune of others, despite my own struggles & hard times. I innately came in with that ability, but throughout the years, I began to notice that others didn’t necessarily share in that skill.

Suffice to say, all the years of quietly doing the work necessary to achieve the vision for myself that I set out to create, have been bearing fruit.

I’ve been doing pretty well in the last few years, & have been doing even better the last two.

For those who don’t know, after being single for 13 years, I met Lindsay just over 2 years ago at the beginning of when COVID began. 1 year later we got engaged after asking her father’s permission on his 85th birthday … less than two weeks later we mourned his passing … & a week after that we got engaged in Sedona while “celebrating” my birthday in the midst of grief. We have since purchased a home & moved in with each other, well on our way of creating the life I/we always envisioned. I turned 50 on May 13th & just a short while after, we got married in Santa Barbara on May 22nd. The cherry on top … our honeymoon in French Polynesia.

I share some of this to fill you in on the latest goings-on with my life. I also share this to illuminate that even though my life is going pretty well, & it being very different than the years passed, it’s still not without its struggles.

The world is nuts, & it’s no easy feat to be in it, but not attached to all the craziness. And for now, that’s where my work with myself continues to be focused on … how to be IN this crazy world, but not OF it. How do I love life & what I do, with all the craziness, anxiety & fear swirling about people & the world.