Before I head to bed, I want to leave you with some questions to consider when you’re in physical pain or not feeling well.

These are the questions I ask myself – and you should too:

How am I feeling mentally and emotionally, is anything really bothering me lately?

How bad is that thing that’s bothering me – what’s the magnitude of it?

How might this be connected to what I’m feeling in my body?

What can I let go of mentally and emotionally that would allow whatever pain I’m feeling to leave quicker?

What people can I talk with (friend or “therapist”) that can help me let go of what I’m struggling with mentally and emotionally?

What physical healing modalities can I utilize that can help with the physical aspect of my pain?

These aren’t some lame, limp, psychobabble questions that don’t amount to nothing in the “real world” of healing..

They help you make deeper connections with your mind/emotions and how they have an impact on your body and health.

I hope this helps you.

Get some rest ..

Speaking of sleep..did you know that we heal when we sleep? ..

.. and that’s one vital reason it’s so important to make sure you get deep rest.

One of the first things a “healer” needs to make sure they do with people is help them develop healthy sleeping habits – because without that, you’re sure to struggle in helping them heal anything else.