An aspect I’m appreciating tracking during this quarantine time are some of our cultural issues that are surfacing. I’m not going to go into the specifics about the media, the government or the medical profession, but none of these facets of life I just mentioned, always, purely have our best interests at heart.

Shouldering the burden of responsibility for our own health & wellbeing, including that of our family is no easy task. However, it is vital to remain vigilant & informed, regardless, because giving over that responsibility is not smart.

The human body & spirit is the strongest thing I know of; far stronger than people realize. & yet, Life is really vulnerable & can change in an instant & that’s why you must take responsibility for it.

If you learned anything during this quarantine time, it’s that you should question the medical, media & governmental agenda. It’s not that these are totally corrupt entities, it’s just obvious that they’re human, just like the rest of us & are susceptible to having their own interests at heart first & ours second; money tends to come with the territory.

Being someone who lives & breathes the health, healing & coaching world, that’s why I see the necessity to learn how to be your own doctor & take responsibility for your own health. It’s vital to have the ability to learn how to be coached & take advice from different educated authorities, but it’s also vital to be able to stay connected to your own “inner doctor” or gut. It’s absolutely vital for people to learn how to connect with & develop their own intuitive instincts, regardless of who is guiding you.

All of us have the innate ability within us to be able to connect with & to know what we need. We may not know medical terminology, or totally know exactly what’s going on, but we do have the ability to communicate what we’re intuitively feeling, which makes it easier for people to know how to help us.

You’re either developing more connection within yourself, including your “inner doctor” or you’re remaining disconnected & having to constantly rely on someone else to tell you what’s going on within you & what you need.