Get ready for the integration period, they tend to be bumpy rides.

When your awareness is raised about something, it makes it easier to spot & navigate … & this process navigating back to our regularly scheduled programming life is no different.

By now, everyone is emotionally soaked in something that has them sensitive for one reason or another; God knows I’m over this. Its not that I don’t think this virus isn’t real, I just think that it’s going to be some arbitrary date where they lift restrictions. And for what, the numbers are clear, this has been very underwhelming compared to Influenza by a mile & that doesn’t even include pneumonia.

We’ve got to be prepared for all the emotions, the tension & stress, the outbursts, the anxiety, the bizarre behaviors, the over compensation, the fear & desperation; we must be on the look out for all of this behavior with ourselves & with others.

The same process happens when working with clients. Whether it’s the bodywork or the coaching, it’s always after the excavation type healing work that is the most important time to be aware of; that’s when all the emotions flood in from the work & all the thoughts, worries & insecurities of how to navigate & be with it all that becomes vital to integrate.

People are angry, violent, unstable, emotional, insecure & hypersensitive these days & it would be wise to note this.

Take your time integrating back. Share with your groups, organizations & employees that it’s going to be a process that everyone needs to be accountable for & to help with in order for it to be as smooth as possible. And for LA folk getting back out on the roads … relax, stop honking & don’t be a dick.