Now that COVID-19 restrictions of all kinds are being lifted, how do we navigate integrating back into this new wild world?

The first thing to do, is to see the climate we are entering back into clearly.

An entertaining example of what we’re dealing with would be NBA basketball. If you’ve been a fan, you would know that fans have been especially crazy the past couple of months since restrictions have lifted. There were fans spitting on players, throwing popcorn & bottles of water at them, running onto the court for no apparent reason, as well as vitriolic name calling & a fist fight between fans to boot. If this is a microcosm of the crazy energy that’s out there that we can expect from people, this should be quite an interesting time.

It would also be wise to know the mental effects this quarantine has had on all of us. The accumulated stress over the last 18 months has been extraordinary. Unless you’re totally disconnected & have been indulging in some form of escape, you’ve been immersed in the observation of all your personal & professional issues while you simultaneously try & fight for some personal transformation in spite of it all.

If you utilized the past 18 months to get clear with your issues of all kinds & have been actively working on those things during this time period, the lifting of restrictions & the decrease in virulence of COVID-19 should have you finding some relief to continue working those personal & professional struggles with less external resistance. If you haven’t been doing this, you’re either so wealthy you can insulate yourself from your issues, or you’ve got some serious work ahead of you.

I think it’s clear to most of us who have an ounce of consciousness, that a lot of agenda, rather then the science & facts, was reported by the media, government & the CDC. I think for those people who were skeptical about these things before all this began, their skepticism has now been confirmed & solidified.

Whether you’d like to believe it, fear will continue to be reported, so let’s not think that because COVID-19 has been decreasing in its severity that all is well in the world again; that’s not the way this world operates. There will be continued talk of virus mutations, including the Delta variant, booster shots & other fears to purport, like “the murder hornet of 2021.”