Healing, transformation, personal development & one’s evolution is dirty business – it can certainly be a dog fight. Even in the best of times, it’s a formidable journey to take on, let alone during these challenging times.

Anyone trying to tell you that it doesn’t have to look like that, most likely hasn’t changed a whole heck of a lot about themselves, or their lives for that matter.

If it was easy, everyone would be constantly healing, changing & evolving & that is just not so.

Sure, some changes come quite easily & effortlessly, however, other changes do not … especially when it comes to healing trauma, for example.

In fact, some things can take a lifetime to heal & require our constant attention.

It’s normal for us to feel unsure of ourselves, when it comes to healing on deep levels.

It’s common to doubt many things along the way, including; yourself & whether you have what it takes; or with your coach or guide of some kind, & whether they have what it takes, or questioning if they’re seeing you or your path, accurately.

Don’t use how you feel, as the sole barometer to distinguish whether you’re headed in the right direction or not.

Feelings can be deceptive in this way. Uncomfortable feelings aren’t necessarily predictions or saying you’re on the wrong path, they’re simply saying you’re uncomfortable.

Instead of using your feelings as guide posts for your navigation, I suggest utilizing those you trust & have credibility in given areas, to give you critical feedback instead.

We must develop the ability to count on others to be a part of our evolution & healing process, if we’re going to find our way. Despite what you might think, one cannot do it on their own.