It’s no easy task to be “in the world, but not of it,” especially during these times.

Learning how to be connected with people & the culture we live in, but at the same time not be loyal to all the dysfunctional ways of being is no easy task …

… Figuing out how to create better boundaries & protect my energy from external elements that naturally occur in my work & life has always been a work in progress & struggle of mine.

With so much going on, including significant fear coursing through people’s bodies, how do we maintain our own sense of well-being amongst a sea of survival, which is rampant in our culture & the world?

At various levels, we’ve all participated in the mandates & requirements these past 2 years, however, where has that left us? It’s left us in various states of survival; tentative with our life; worried about our health & the health of those we care about; shallowed breathing as a result of anxiety; working hard to hold things together, whether it be with our families, something structural or merely on an emotional level.

We’re all vacillating between 50 shades of anxious, fearful, terrified, trepidatous, nervous, worried, cautious, in how to be in this new world, wondering where all this is going to go.

The first step in shifting this way of being is first identifying how this might specifically apply to you.

After acknowledging these feelings of some kind of fear, the second step is learning how to connect & integrate all these powerful feelings that have been held onto by our bodies. It’s vital to seek modalities & people who can help you process & even shed the feelings you’ve been carrying.

The next thing to do is to take actions that arise out of this new awareness & perspective. By working through all these fears you’ve been managing & holding onto, you can start to respond from a new place of clarity, rather than constantly coming from a reactionary place.

And lastly, begin to create new structures for cultivating “self-care” that can help aid you in continuing to clear anxious & fearful energy so you can chug along & experience life with continued possibility.