For the past 9 months or so, I’ve been sharing with those closest to me, how angry I am to watch peoples spirit being slowly eroded by the way this entire quarantine COVID-19 fiasco has been handled. I’ve been consistent since day one in saying that this virus is not everything they’re saying it is.

They aren’t simply reporting the science; their agenda is distorting the science & the numbers to support their narrative. It’s obvious to me that the agenda is much worse than the virus will ever be. If you haven’t been able to distinguish out the agenda from the science, it’s time that you do.

When deciding what to do about this virus & how things should be handled, one thing I know for sure, is that people’s spirit must be considered.

Just as there’s a cost & a benefit to taking any medicine, there’s also a great cost to keeping people in quarantine & keeping things shut down at this point – people aren’t doing well … they’re actually doing worse.

Depression, anxiety, suicide, alcohol & other drugs, violence, including spousal abuse are all on the rise. People are dying & it’s not just from a virus.

Forget all the actual deaths that have occurred from all those things I listed above, or Covid, influenza, pneumonia & God knows whatever else … how about everyone’s spirit that’s being slowly eroded & hasn’t been factored into the equation.

I’m a big proponent of allowing & working through sadness & grief; in healing this is key, as there’s always something to let go of & mourn the loss of. However, the constant erosion of ones spirit is something entirely different & it must be considered & even protected.

In health & healing, ones spirit is definitely something that’s payed attention to, but in medical science as well as in other similar worlds, it’s not as much.

The truth is, our spirit is a huge factor in determining our health. Ones spirit also determines how often people get sick & how quickly they rebound from it.

Just because your lab tests come back normal or within range from a doctors office, does not necessarily determine whether you are well & certainly not fit.

When the spirit is low, all sorts of issues can arise in ones life, especially & including with that of our health & body. Remember, where the mind & spirit goes, so to does the body.

We must consider how we take care of & enliven our spirits each day. We must do all that we can to shed unwanted spirit vampires & life sucks, while also growing in our awareness of all the things that seek to dampen it.

Quarantine for Covid might have been smart for a time, but at this point, you have to ask yourself if the risk of continuing to keep this closed & shut down is better for us or worse for us, because in my eyes, the symptoms from quarantine are far worse than the virus itself.