I saw this mural near my house the other day & I wanted to do a post purely because it was so great. Whether it’s Kobe or anyone else in our lives that we’ve lost, they possibly will never know this experience that all of us are going through these days.

I say possibly, because I don’t know what goes on after people die. For all we know, they could have an awareness of the Corona virus & still be aware of all of our goings on … I’d actually like to think that. Come to think of it, if energy cannot be created nor destroyed & it can only be transferred, than what does happen to our souls & energy when we die?

These are very uncertain times, but this is life right now & we must make the most of it. Besides, what’s the alternative, hold our breath in fear waiting for things to get better & hope not to die – that ain’t no way to be or live?

That way of being is more of a habit than you know, that started well before the Corona virus came along & it’s time to look at that & see about changing it. I might be preaching to the choir, but tough times come in all different forms & for some they vary.

But the point is, that tough times are a part of life & it’s vital to learn how to bring a sense of life to situations like these & many other difficult ones. I guess I wrote this as a bit of a pick me up for everyone as well as an acknowledgement & appreciation to a time in my past where it was rough for me. A lot of the skills I had to learn for all those years have certainly come in handy these days & the one I’m sharing right now is one of them.

I shared one of my favorite quotes a couple of posts ago that talked about how “these problems were my life” & that’s what I’m speaking about again today. Whether it was my mindset years past, where I had to bring life to life even though things were difficult for me or during this Corona virus time, we must fight with all we’ve got for a constant healthy perspective & a spirit to create in spite of it all. Fighting for perspective & bringing a spirit to life despite the circumstances is a muscle that can be developed if you focus on doing it. Rapid healing to everyone regardless of what pains you♥️