I’ve spent many years studying, healing, and building my craft and private healing practice. Now I’m ready to be more public about it all. I’ve had the opportunity to speak on a couple of my friends’ podcasts, and it inspired me to explore these opportunities further. It was such a fun and rewarding experience that allowed me to share the impact my work has made in my life with all of you; I’d love to continue connecting with all kinds of new people who’ve got podcasts and want to talk all things healing. My desire is to share my journey and work, and enhance the content and value of people’s podcasts specifically by discussing the many facets of healing with them. My primary focus isn’t personal exposure, but to share how my own personal healing can help your listeners, by being more public about my journey and healing process.

If you feel like this could be a fit, let’s connect. Know anyone with a podcast? Put us in touch.

To learn more, download my complete deck below.